Friday, October 1, 2010

A summary of our 3rd Davao GTUG Metup

The event was composed of different speakers on different field in order to provide the audience with fundamental insight and deeply important technologies that they can take advantage. It suggests what this new world will mean to all of us.

The event talks started with an HTML5 presentation in order to provide a glimpse on how the multimedia technologies will reshape and provide opportunities to students. The second talk was all about basics of digital photography. Proper handling of cameras, the right settings and how to maintain long lasting cameras was discussed. The third talk was all about Design and Development for Motion Graphics videos. It was lively, provocative and sophisticated discussion about multimedia. The fourth talk was all about Video Post Production. It provides an insight to students on how this broadcasting companies and commercials work on their craft. The final and most important was Corporate Branding. It talks about the value of branding and how it can make an impact to its audience once delivered in a right way.

Overall, it was an amazing event that makes us look forward in the coming years to come.

You can view our pictures here:

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