Friday, May 27, 2011

GTUG Fil SG 2nd Meetup

The 2nd GTUG Fil SG meetup was held at Starbucks, 8 Shenton Way, the attendees were five GTUG Fil SG members and Aileen Apollo of Google. The meet up turned out to be a fun and productive meeting, Nikki 'volunteered' to be the first resource person for Google AppEngine (well actually we volunteered him). He will be sharing to the group his expertise in GAE and Carl will be handling the logistics of the venue. Hoping to see the other members to be more active and participate with the group's activities. On the next meetup I’ll be giving away Google stickers and keychains, so see you guys on the next meetup!

Randell, Nikki, Carl, Bryan, Aileen and Elvin

More pictures from Aileen's Album

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