Thursday, July 5, 2012

Map Your Town Competition - Philippines

UPDATE 07/04/2012: We have moved the deadline in order to accommodate the increasing demand for more mapUps. Please note that the new competition deadline is now August 31, 2012.

Early this quarter, more than 500 active mappers and volunteers joined forces across the Philippines in a series of Google Map Maker events that explored the benefits and fundamental steps toward building even more beautiful country maps.

The events kicked off with a Map Maker workshop in Manila, where Advocates and Regional Expert Reviewers worked alongside budding mappers. Their enthusiasm carried over to three Map Maker Summits is Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, where the Filipino mapping community focused on the ways an accurate country map can lend itself to improved community planning, disaster preparedness and tourism.

We have a very ambitious plan to have MapUps in 80 cities across the Philippines and would like to dedicate this activity for Philippine Tourism. Focus will be given on:

  • Tourist spots
  • Airports/Ports/Bus Terminals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Police Stations
  • Malls / Business Establishments
  • Pasalubong Stores
  • Barangay / City Halls

To kick things up a bit, we will be awarding the top mappers in the country! Please make sure you read the mechanics below for details on how to join the Map Your Town Competition.

For updates, to request for a MapUp or to conduct one in your area, please visit the Mapping the Philippines site at


  1. Interested individuals must register at
  2. This contest is only open to individuals based in the Philippines.
  3. The Map Your Town competition shall start on May 16, 2012 and end on August 31, 2012. Only approved edits during this timeframe shall be considered eligible.
  4. MapMaker Advocates and Regional Expert Reviewers are disqualified from the individual contest.
  5. The top 10 mappers in the Philippines will be awarded with netbooks.  
  6. For the mapper with the most number of contributions in the Philippines, PhP100,000 will be donated to a public school in his/her hometown.


  1. is this the usual/unpredictable way of Google in data mining geographic locations?
    just a query ^_^

  2. Question: The whole political jurisdiction of the town or just the Poblacion???

  3. Hi Francis! Most of the towns and cities in the Philippines, especially the older Luzon and Visayas communities, call their town or city centers as Poblacion. It's either a district or a barangay, it depends on the local government setup. However, the WHOLE political jurisdiction of a town doesn't end at the "Poblacion" district, but to the entire town itself--including the outskirts or "Barrios" that we usually call.

  4. Thanks for the postponement of the deadline... there are some Google Map Makers that will join the said competition... Thanks to the proponent... Prof K9 signing off...

  5. Query: How to determine if you are officially registered to this contest? Where are the list of registered entries? And How do we determine if we/I are/is Mapmaker Advocate(s)/ Regional Expert Reviewers? Thanks.

  6. howdy!, how about the approval of the Regional for my edits?..

  7. Excited for the result.. Enjoy mapping !

  8. Who are the winners of this competition? We are very excited...

  9. Hello Kirilvan and all. The official result is here: