Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sanitation Hackathon 2012

In cooperation with World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program, GDG Philippines will be organizing a Sanitation Hackathon on December 1 and 2, 2012. It will be held in Manila, Baguio, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga. This hackathon is free!

Sanitation Hackathon is a social good hackathon that aims to develop open technology for sanitation challenges. Sanitation development is important in the well-being in the development of the individual, community and the country. It not only has an impact on health but also on economic development.

In the Philippines, there are still sanitation challenges and problem - including but not limited to access to clean toilets and education - that needs to solved and the winning tools developed during this hackathon will be used to overcome this challenges.

For the Manila hackathon, the venue will be at Globe Valero Telepark (111 Valero Street, Makati City). Registration will be opened in a few days. For more information about the hackathon near you, please wait for the official announcements from the respective GDG.

Update: To register for the Manila hackathon, signup here. We'll be emailing the participants additional details in the next days.


Grand Winner: Team Comfort (Corden Malinao Naraga and Edith Naraga)

1. S Access (Jenina Chua, Angelo Bruce Magpantay, Ralph Vincent Regalado, & Thomas James Tiam-Lee)
2. Spotless (Carlos Gavino & Kimson Wong)

1st Place: SanTrack
2nd Place: A-Toilet!
3rd Place: SaniCheck

1st - Team Comfort (Corden Malinao Naraga and Edith Naraga)
2nd - Team Bangan (Edyl I. Templado)
3rd - Trash Scheduler by Team Innovations (Lord Dalinas and Prynce Comiso)

1st - MAI Team: “SaniStation” (Sanitation Station)
2nd - TeamUC: GARMIS (Garbage Management Information System)
3rd- FortLayer!: Garbage Maintenance

1. TrashIt
2. Waterwatch
3. Waterhole

1. Bomb Squad
2. Street Cred
3. Loo's Clues

You can also watch the video of the announcement of winners(via Hangouts on Air) here. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to our everyone who participated! We would also like to thank Globe Labs for hosting the Manila hackathon and for sponsoring the internet connection in the 6 cities.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamps: Cebu and Davao

After a very exciting quarter in Manila, the GDG folks are off to Visayas and Mindanao to help participants prep for Startup Weekend!

We are bringing our tried-and-tested formula to Cebu and Davao! Talking points include:
  • SW: What happens in SWM? What's the agenda? Is there a schedule we should follow?
  • Pitching: What's it like? Should I pitch? What should I have in my 60 second pitch? What should I include in the final Sunday pitch?
  • Teamwork: How are teams formed? If my idea isn't picked, should I leave or join another team? Team culture starts on day one. Don't screw it up.
  • Development Process: Design guidelines, Adopting a "good enough for the weekend" philosophy

Both bootcamps will cover similar topics, including guidelines in pitching, marketing, creating business plans, Android, and how Google's tools can help speed up the development process.

Wanna see pictures? Check out what happened during the Manila bootcamp.

To make it even more worthwhile, please bring your laptops, extension cords, internet sticks, and lots of energy!

Pre-Startup Weekend Davao Bootcamp
November 3, 2012 / Doors open at 9am
Ground Floor, CVA Building, Davao City

Pre-Startup Weekend Cebu Bootcamp
November 10, 2012 / Doors open at 9am
Quest Hotel and Conference Center, Cebu City

We'd like to thank everyone who made this bootcamp possible: GoogleStartup Weekend, and GlobeLabs!