Friday, July 26, 2013

GDGPH: Apps Promotion and Monetization Meetup

In the Philippines, hackathons are happening left and right. Filipino developers have produced a good number of application for both web and mobile across the different platforms available. However, the biggest concern is that most of these developers don't get the traffic that they serve and don't earn from the application they have work so hard to develop.

With this concern in mind, +GDG Philippines and +GBG Makati organized the Apps Promotion and Monetization Meetup last night (July 25, 2013) at +Commune in Makati City. Out of the 44 developers that have signed up, we have confirmed only 20. These 20 developers were picked because they either have an app idea or they already have an app out there.

After serving dinner to the participants (talk about the really delicious Chicken adobo!), the meetup started with +Rosario Juan, a social media expert, owner of +Commune, and Community Manager of +GBG Makati, discussed about tips & tricks on how the developers could promote their application. Ros' presentation is available through this link.

Ros Juan of GBG Makati and Commune
These was followed by a talk by Howard Dy Go of Mochibits, a game development company. Howard shared with the participants the realities of apps monetization and how monetization should rule their development. His slides are available here.

Howard Dy Go of Mochibits
There was also an open forum after Howard's presentation when developers asked their questions to the speakers and when the other participants shared their thoughts, as well.

+Anne Michelle Santos of +Globe Labs shared on how people monetize from web applications and said the closing remarks for the meetup.

Thank you +Commune and +Globe Labs for making this event possible. Thank you so much to Ros and Howard for sharing your time, knowledge, and experience to the community. Lastly, thank you to all the developers who made time for the meetup and we hope that you got a better idea on how you could promote and monetize your apps.

Thank you to all those who attended the meetup!

Photos are taken from +Reymart Canuel.

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